1. To apply, our assistants will help customers 
fill out an application form at the Elite Desk (on the G/F of Plaza Senayan behind the information desk) when they provide:
A valid ID: SIM, KTP or Passport; and
Valid shopping receipts totaling Rp 3,000,000.00 or more within one month.
Note: customers must be aged 17 and above, and any management or employees of PT Senayan Trikarya Sempana, or retailers of Plaza Senayan Shopping Centre, Plaza Senayan Arcadia or Fairmont Jakarta, and their immediate families, are not eligible.

2. Elite Membership Levels:
Ruby Level: for minimum purchases totaling Rp 3,000,000.00 in 1 (One) month.
Emerald Level: for minimum purchases totaling Rp 75,000,000.00 in 1 (One) month.
Diamond Level: for minimum purchases totaling Rp 300,000,000.00 in 1 (One) month.

  1. To collect points, Members can shop at their favorite Plaza Senayan, Plaza Senayan Arcadia, or Fairmont store, then show their receipts and Elite Card at the Elite Desk from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on the same day of purchases.
  2. Members earn 1 (One) point for every Rp.1,000,000.00 spent (on one or more receipts).
  3. Receipts must be shown, official, computerized, and state the date of transaction. Plaza Senayan may turn down receipts that are:
    • Manual or handwritten, unless the retailer can verify the receipts;
    • Re-printed or duplicated;
    • For down payments or deposits;
    • For bank transactions or money changers;
    • For telecommunication bill payments;
    • For exhibition or event transactions; and
    • For purchases of, or purchases using, vouchers, membership cards or gift cards.
  4. Double points can be earned during certain Plaza Senayan internal events as notified, and for 7 days including and following the Member’s birthday.
  1. Members can track their points by visiting the Elite Desk. Once they have sufficient points, they can be redeemed for rewards by filling out a redemption form, presenting the Elite Card and choosing a reward.
  2. Rewards can only be redeemed by the Member in person.
  3. Members shall present the purchased merchandise upon redemption. Name printed on the original shopping receipt should be the same with the name printed on the Elite Card.
  4. Members can only redeem points for rewards available and while stocks last.
  5. Ruby and Emerald tier Members can only redeem points for 1 (One) of the same reward at the time of redemption.
  6. Diamond tier Members can only redeem points for 3 (Three) of the same reward at the time of redemption.
  7. Points will be automatically deducted once the points have been redeemed and the rewards that have been redeemed cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged for any reason.
  8. Rewards are available for pick up within 2 (Two) months after the redemption form is submitted and validated by Plaza Senayan. If the Member does not pick up the reward after 2 (Two) months from the date on the redemption form, the reward shall be forfeited and becomes the property of Plaza Senayan without prior notice.

*Other terms & conditions apply, full terms can be found on the elite membership form at the Elite Desk.